Immerse your guests in the interactive world of our iPad Photobooth, where every snapshot becomes a polished masterpiece. This sleek, modern booth captures high-resolution images with a variety of playful filters and digital props, all on a user-friendly platform.

Designed for both intimate and grand gatherings, it offers instant social sharing and wireless printing, ensuring that your event's memories are both instantly shareable and tangibly treasured. With customizable features and dynamic lighting, our iPad Photobooth is the perfect addition to any Toronto event looking to create lasting impressions.


LUXE Experience

2 Hours of Booth Time

Booth Attendants

Unlimited Booth Sessions

Unlimited 2x6 or 4x6 Photo Prints

Personalized Start Screen

Custom Design Template

Elegant Red Carpet

Gold Stanchions

À La Carte

Long Distance Travel

Idle Time

Last Minute Booking

Glam Filter (B&W)

Green Screen

Premium Props

Have we potentially overlooked a detail in our meticulously curated, luxury-branded package?

Enrich the uniqueness of your event with selections from our sophisticated à la carte offerings.

Please note, each individual add-on is intended to amplify your experience, and as such, incurs an additional premium.